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President Basescu awards decoration to state secretary Aurescu


State Secretary at the Foreign Affairs Ministry Bogdan Aurescu and another 18 persons who were part of the team having contributed to Romania’s success in The Hague lawsuit on drawing a maritime border with Ukraine were awarded decorations by President Traian Basescu in a ceremony at Cotroceni Palace on Friday.

‘What you did for Romania is known by all the Romanians.

All the Romanians were proud of you the day when the ruling of the lawsuit at the International Court in The Hague was announced. You are a team of legal experts, technicians, diplomats who served your country, you are people who worked for five years so that we finally, at the end of last year, settled a litigation that lasted for several decades’, Basescu said.

‘By the ruling passed in The Hague you merely confirmed a tradition of the Romanian foreign policy, namely that the international law should lie at the foundation of the relations between the states and that no other form of settling the disagreements between the states is a form that might guarantee us security and peace’, he added.

The president stressed that this probably was one of the most important rulings of The Hague Court passed in the last years and that it has become an example for resolving the problems in the region.

Aurescu thanked on behalf of the team, of his colleagues and of the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

‘We are sincerely glad that the result from February 3 might have contributed to raising the international profile of the Romanian international law school and of Romania, here on the external border of the EU and NATO’, he said.

Aurescu was awarded the Star of Romania National Order in the rank of Knight as a high appreciation for his contribution to Romania’s success in the lawsuit in The Hague on the delimitation of the Black Sea space with Ukraine.

The International Court of Justice based in The Hague ruled on Feb. 3 that the Serpent Island cannot be deemed part of the Ukrainian coast when establishing the line delimitating the continental shelf and the exclusive economic areas.


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