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President Basescu evokes solidarity in face of crisis, on Europe’s Day


Solidarity was one of the key words of the address made by President Traian Basescu at a Friday reception given to celebrate Europe’s Day, with the president adding that we do not have the right to forget our brothers from across the river Prut at such a celebratory time.

‘For us, Romanians, May 9 is also the symbol day of the independence we won during the rule of Carol I (in 1877-1878 – editor’s note), whose contribution was decisive to the European modernization of our country.

Furthermore, at such a celebratory time we do not have the right to forget our brothers from across the river Prut, our brothers whose democratic and European vocation Romania will continue to back with all firmness’, Basescu said.

He pointed out that the 27 European Union member states and the entire international stage are faced with the most serious economic and financial challenge since the Great Depression from the 1930s. He said the solution to overcome the crisis and to see recovery is to be found in the EU resources.

‘The efforts the Romanian citizens made so that our country be part of the EU get the answer of solidarity from the other members of the Union, now at a time of global economic crisis. The lesson that the European Union offers can be a model of responsibility for all the political forces in Romania, for the trade unions and for the members of the civil society’, he said.

The president underscored that his call to responsibility and solidarity is not made to the Government or the political class only, but to all those who hold decision-making positions both in the private and the public sector.

He said the moment Romania switches to the euro it will be able to say it is fully integrated in the EU and it will be more stable when faced with any economic crisis, and it will also be more credible and richer.

‘One of the most important solutions for credible and prosperous European Romania is related to the continued economic integration by adopting the single currency euro in the next five years (…)

I think this must become our common goal, a goal which beyond the current economic circumstances should give coherence to our future actions’, he said.

The Romanian leader paid homage to the founders of united Europe, recalling the values and principles that they laid at the foundation of this institutional construction. He also voiced belief that the Lisbon Treaty is meant to breathe new life into the European construction.

‘That is why turning out to vote for the European Parliament in early June is important, in order to show that we are aware of being part of the EU. That is why we should lay stress on the confidence in the European institutions, on the respect and promotion of the values of freedom and solidarity’, Basescu said.


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