Romania needs wind parks to put out 16,000 MW


Wind parks to put out 16,000 MW are in demand to be developed in Romania so far, Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) president Petru Lificiu told a renewable energy seminar, on Thursday, May 7.

‘Romania currently needs wind parks to put out 16,000 MW, but only these whose total capacity attains 500-600 MW have been given technical assent to get connected, because only 3,000 MW may be injected in the current system.

Thus, the demand for wind energy in Galati (east) amounts to 1,400 MW, while the network’s capacity ranges between 100 and 150 MW only. Under the circumstances, many investors will have to build their own transport line to have the energy injected in the grid,” said Lificiu.

Romania’s potential wind energy power amounts to 14,000 – 15,000 MW, twice more than the current one, the ANRE official added.

The Economy Ministry will conclude partnerships with Transelectrica and other energy suppliers in Dobrogea (south-east), because the area has the highest potential of wind energy use, but there are problems with its transport and supply. Likewise, the ministry will take steps to boost small and very small wind power stations, said Economy Minister Adriean Videanu’s advisor on energy Florin Marza.

Investors show readiness, anyway, at the level of intent, to have wind power stations built in Romania and their capacity is expected to total 12,000 MW, Economy Ministry State Secretary Tudor Serban stressed.

‘The current economy crisis brought about a 10 percent drop in the energy consumption, during the first three months of the year, compared to the same time span last year.

The drop stood at 15 percent in April and it was more visible in the industry, several big companies having to curb their activity by almost 50 percent.

Thus, this year’s consumption can be compared to that of 2002 and this is the reason why special steps will be required to back up the industry,’ Serban added.

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