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Vasile Puscas: Bundestag resolution, a warning signal


Minister Vasile Puscas, head of the European Affairs Department (DAE), on Friday stated for that the resolution adopted by the German Bundestag, expressing criticism at the pace of reform in the Romanian judiciary and at the stage reached in the combat of corruption, is a signal that needs to be treated with utmost seriousness.

Puscas voiced discontent at Romania being steadily presented as a negative example.

„Increasingly more signals have been appearing lately – and this is one of them – that’s how I understand this event. Such signals keep coming, we must treat them with utmost seriousness and attention, but taking heed of the interest of the Romanian citizens and moving towards the restoration of Romania’s credibility,” said Puscas.

Minister Vasile Puscas believes that this specific situation is also linked to the start of the campaign for Euro-Parliament elections across the European Union (EU).

„There are two aspects here. On one hand, this is the beginning of the electoral campaign in Europe and the lingering negative perception of Romania is highly unpleasant.

On the other hand, this is about the reform process itself: practically, we owe this not to Brussels or Berlin, but to the Romanian citizens. I think that more than Berlin or Brussels, Romanian citizens expect the reform of the judiciary and the functioning of the rule of law state to produce concrete results, they expect a public administration directed towards serving the citizen,” said Puscas, who voiced his belief that ‘in recent years there has been too much talking and too few hard facts.’

In his opinion, despite the crisis, the Romanian authorities should make every effort in order to progress „towards the expectations of Romanian citizens.’


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