Vasile Puscas: Romania needs influential EU Commissioner


Minister Vasile Puscas, head of the European Affairs Department, said on Friday that Romania’s future European Commissioner needs to be an influential person with the capacity to innovate European politics.

„I would want, not personally for me, but for Romania, a Commissioner capable of influencing and producing good and very good results for European policies, which should favorably reverberate on Romania,” said Vasile Puscas.

The Minister for European Affairs added that Romania must negotiate both the position of its Commissioner, but also the various positions in the European Parliament.

„Romania can accede to a very creative and influential portfolio, which not in the last place would have the capacity to innovate European politics,” Puscas pointed out.

Vasile Puscas released on Friday at the ‘George Baritiu’ Institute of National History in Cluj- Napoca (center-west), the volume entitled ‘European Themes.’

The book is a collection of press articles authored by Puscas and of interviews he gave in the first two years after Romania joined the European Union (EU), an accomplishment greatly due to Vasile Puscas’ efforts as Romania’s head negotiator with the EU.

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