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Youth ministry, EURAD to conduct anti-drug strategy


The Romanian Ministry of Youth and Sport and the International Anti-Drug and Human Rights Centre (CIADO) will develop a common strategy to fight drug-taking, a decision made in the talks held on Friday by Minister Monica Iacob-Ridzi, president of Europe Against Drugs (EURAD) international foundation Renee Besseling and CIADO Romania president Constantin Balaceanu Stolnici.

The project called ‘The Youths and Their Own Values’ agreed by the Youth Ministry and CIADO will promote a framework for the dialogue that should be familiar to the youths so that they may communicate with the idols of their generation and with the authorities in an efficient manner.

The programme relies on a survey conducted by the National Association of the Romanian Trade Union Culture Clubs and CIADO showing that the youths want active programmes and meetings with the authorities responsible for the youth’s condition, with whom they should carry out an open dialogue, they also want to become volunteers, to feel they are useful and to prove they are responsible.

‘The Ministry of Youth and Sport shares the same values that lay at the foundation of the establishment of EURAD and CIADO and of the programmes promoted by them. The drugs are not mere statistics, they are instruments that destroy lives, families, that steal the future of our youths. I’m totally against making recreational drugs legal in Romania and I’m going to place special importance on prevention’, Iacob-Ridzi said.

EURAD president Besseling voiced satisfaction at the ministry’s initiative and stressed that Romania, by preventing and fully banning drug-taking, can fight more efficiently than other European states, which failed to pay proper attention to the early phase of the emergence of this scourge.


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