Bazac: Virus H1N1 is extremely powerful

Minister of Health Ion Bazac warned against the fact that virus H1N1 went on being extremely powerful, the number of cases being on the increase and the death rate is much higher than in the case of the common flu.

„We shall find out that there is a death rate amounting to almost 1.7 percent with the 3,278 cases [reported the world over on Sunday] and 48 deaths, whereas the death rate of the common flu is 0.1 percent,” said Bazac on Sunday.

Ion Bazac insisted on the fact that the personal hygiene measures are the ones to prevent the appearance of the virus in Romania.
„The sooner these hygiene measures are taken and if they are observed as indicated by the Ministry of Health, the better will the population be protected against infection with N1H 1,” said the Minister.


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