Constantin Nita: TIMM, big information success

„Most SMEs managed to take advantage of the opportunity offered by the Fair of the SMEs (TIMM) in order to get information of the Guarantee Fund, of the banking products and of the European funds.

Proof to the interest taken by the entrepreneurs is the fact that we have run short of the copies of the Customer’s Guide, the guides to small and big investments, which we had printed.

I could draw a conclusion, namely that TIMM offered many entrepreneurs the opportunity to take very much interest in the credit means we have tried to place at their disposal. As such one can say that TIMM was a big success in point of information,” Minister Constantin Nita exclusively told on the day when TIMM was closed.

„We have no data about possible contracts concluded or the number of visitors, but I can say that, at TIMM, contacts with numerous companies were established, a fact that will favourably influence their activity. We have offered them the opportunity to put demand and supply together, but they have to establish their own contacts,” also added the SMEs Minister.

According to the information supplied by the organizers, TIMM drew almost 8,000 visitors in the first four days, of whilom one third were experts.

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