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Decentralization, on the day agenda of Gov’t meeting


Romanian Government is going to approve at its meeting on Sunday the first normative acts over the decentralization of the local police, health, agriculture and youth structures.

„I have called for a special Government meeting where to approve the first normative acts focusing decentralization in such fields of activity as the local police, health, agriculture, and also the youth field, with the sports structures to be from now own the responsibility of the local authorization.

Thus, we will have to prepare next the normative acts for all that means education, culture and such aspects to be taken care of in the agriculture field,” PM Emil Boc said.

At the latest meeting of the Executive, we made an analysis of the normative acts to focus decentralization.

On the same occasion, Vice-Premier Dan Nica presented the current stage of the decentralization process, also saying the Cabinet managed to fulfill its objectives so far in the field of agriculture, health, education, culture and local police.

„We have managed to fulfill all of our objectives so far. Thus, we have today ready also the draft law on the local police, following it to allow the local authorities to get involved in all that means order and public safety.

This is an important step in what means a decentralization to keep local activities alive,” Dan Nica said.

According to a Prime Minister, decentralization implies two components, namely the transfer of attributions and competencies from the central to the local authorities, which are closer to the citizens – city and town halls, local or county councils and also the transfer of competencies accompanied by the transfer of the financial resources to the local communities.

The Ministry to coordinate this decentralization process is the Ministry of Administration and Interior,” Emil Boc said.


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