Government approves decentralization strategy in health

The Government on Sunday approved the decentralization strategy in the field of health, informed relevant Minister Ion Bazac in the Victoria Palace, the headquarters of the Government.

He presented the principles of decentralization: identifying the level of adequate and accessible services that should reflect the demographic profile for every county, moving the decision and responsibility as close as possible to the place where medical care is given and making people who make decisions directly responsible, especially the chairmen of county councils and the mayors.

According to Bazac, there are four categories of normative documents to be drawn up: the law on decentralization in health, the law on public health, Government resolutions on the National Institute of Public Health and on the National Institute of Forensic Medicine.

„The law on decentralization in health is the law by which medical units are practically put under the authority of the county and city local authorities. The law on public health is the law by which the medical activity is reorganize especially in hospitals …

The law on decentralization in health will include the subordination of the public health directorate to the county council under the name of the medical care directorate. This structure will coordinate all medical care activities in the county and is the local authority of the hospital board,” said Bazac.

He emphasized the fact that, after decentralization, the medical units would be financed from three sources: the national fund of health insurance, the state budget through the agency of the budget of the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) for national health programmes and from the local budgets.

After decentralization the county hospitals will be managed by the county councils, the city ones by the city councils, the rural ones by the corresponding authority, said the Minister.

„The national research institutes, the clinical institutes, the regional hospitals and certain hospitals of national interest where highly performing medical acts are made will go on being subordinated to MSP,” added Bazac.

The four normative documents will come into force on September 1 and the law on decentralization in health and the law on public health will be drawn up by July 1 and will be applied in early September.

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