Minister of Youth and Sport: Decentralization carried out gradually at request of local authorities


Taking up the activities of local interest as concerns sport and youth will be made gradually at the request of the local public administration.

It is only highly performing sport that will stay with the relevant ministry, said relevant Minister Monica Iacob-Ridzi on Sunday after the Government meeting during which they approved the regulations on decentralization in the field.

Ridzi made it clear that, following the decentralization process, the management of the activity carried out by the city sports clubs would be made depending on the way every local authority would agree to it.

By the end of May the Ministry of Youth and Sport will send the local authorities the lists with everything that gets decentralized and by that time too they will make a centralization of what every county separately wants to take up.

The local authorities that want to take up clubs will have to meet certain conditions: to preserve the destination of the buildings for carrying out physical education and sport activities and to do maintenance and modernization works of the sports bases that were taken up.

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