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Nica: After decentralization there will be two polices: local and national


The normative document on the setting up of the local police is an important draft law, said the Minister of Administration and the Interior, Vice-Premier Dan Nica, who made it clear that, in Romania, after decentralization, there would be two polices, a local and a national one.

„The local police will have tasks referring to the defence of order and the citizen’s safety in every place, to the defence of the persons’ rights and freedoms, to preventing and discovering law violations.

The fields in which the local police will work are public order and peace as well as guard of goods, the traffic on public roads, discipline in constructions and street boarding, the protection of the environment and the management of places.

This time the local police will really be at the service of the citizen and especially under the control of every citizen as decentralization is first of all connected to the citizen,” said Nica.

He mentioned that the local police would be supported by the national police as persons in charge of training the current community policemen will be seconded. The community police will be disbanded.

The new regulations aim at the local police having a highly performing training and action level.

He said that the law was the result of a consultation with all the associative structures, with the specialist staff of the Ministry of Administration and the Interior, with the Ministry of Finance but also with representatives of non-governmental organizations and relevant parliamentary commissions.

According to Nica, there will also be two uniforms: one for the local police and one for the national one.


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