Dan Nica: Local police to have enhanced competences

There will not be ‘two polices,’ a local and a national one, through setting up the local police, but it is in view to enlarge the competences of these structures, Social Democratic Party (PSD) vice-premier and Administration and Interior Minister Dan Nica explained on Monday.

At the level of the town and city halls that afford a local police, this will gain enhanced competences, and the Ministry of Interior will grant the required support, skilled personnel included, Minister Nica said.

The big benefit is that the local police with extended competence also in the field of the public order and safety will be directly ordered and assessed by the local citizen, this time, because the local police is responsible in front of the community and those in charge are elected local heads by the local voters, PSD vice-premier said at then end of the sitting of the Central Steering Political Bureau of the ruling coalition.

According to Nica, the national police will have extended competences in the field of environment, buildings, traffic and may carry out control actions in these fields, including in trade areas that traditionally have stayed in a gray area, so far.

‘Thus, there will be competences like in the European Union, one is incumbent to the local police and another to the national one, Minister Nica emphasized.


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