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JustMin Predoiu: Justice has to be a priority with the Finance Ministry as well

Minister of Justice and Citizens’ Freedoms Catalin Predoiu told a news conference on Monday that justice has to become, at least for five years, a real priority with the Public Finance Ministry as well, not just with the Justice Ministry.

‘For instance, justice efficiency is directly dependent on the workloads on prosecutors, judges and court clerks and these workloads currently exceed by far any admissible limits. Reducing the workloads entails enlarging the staff scheme with jobs that can be financed, and hiring new magistrates and clerks requires places for their work, that is court halls and prosecution offices,’ said Predoiu.

He argued that the problem of court rulings deciding on wage rights reached a point in their development in which an agreement among the three state powers is required on an urgent justice action plan.

Predoiu reiterated that he has recently launched a proposal that a national pact be signed to solve the financial issues facing the judiciary that should be agreed upon by the Government and the Supreme Council of Magistrates, court chairs, the Public Prosecution Ministry and the trade unions of paralegals.

‘This pact should not be a stuffy programme, but a set of urgent measures. It should not replace or overlap the existing strategies and programmes. In our vision, such a pact should aim to solve the stringent problems plaguing the logistics of the judiciary,’ said Predoiu.

The minister added that the pact should include an inventory on what he called the three essential problems hampering the functioning of the judiciary: the court rulings deciding on wage rights; earmarking enough funds for a normal functioning of justice as a public service; adjusting the staff schemes to account for a significant rise in the workloads on the public service, including solutions to these problems.

Predoiu also said that agreeing on spreading out the payment of the wage rights, earmarking additional funds for the judiciary at the first Budger rectification and providing funds for vacancies while allotting a rationally grounded number of additional jobs could be some solutions to the problems he named.

Another solution in Preodiu’s opinion to improve the state of the court halls and prosecution offices could be steering a percentage of the judiciary revenues of local communities to the judiciary.

He mentioned that this January he sent a letter to all parliamentary party national leaders indicating the priorities of the Justice Ministry this year, and included among them was an adequate financing of the judiciary system.

‘We are resuming this call for repositioning justice ahead on the current political agenda,’ said Predoiu.


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