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JustMin Predoiu: The general view on legal codes is influenced by electoral context

Minister of Justice and Citizens’ Freedoms Catalin Predoiu told a news conference on Monday that the general view on the legal codes is substantially influenced by the current electoral context.

He reaffirmed his ministry’s support for the draft civil code, the draft criminal code, the draft code of criminal procedure and the draft code of civil procedure, because they made up the programme on which the ministry deployed most of its efforts in 2008.

‘To us, it is clear that the general view on the codes has been substantially influenced by the electoral context and the suspicions raised by some texts devoted to the right to privacy with incidence on the media job. At the same time, the non-involvement of real specialist in the debate sometimes led to an error communis as far as some institutions were concerned,’ said Predoiu.

He mentioned that Parliament continues this programme because the four codes are necessary.

He said he had another conversation with the NGOs making up the ‘Stop the Codes!’ coalition last week and another one will follow these days.
‘The issue is now in the hands of Parliament. Our duty is to finalise the drawing up of the drafts and submit them to Government and Parliament.

I believe we have done our job dutifully. This is one of the few fields where concrete results were achieved in 2008,’ said Predoiu.

The minister mentioned that the Justice Minister is represented at the debate in Parliament by its specialist teams, and announced that a working group set up at the ministry initiated the assessment of the impact of enforcing the codes.


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