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Liberals introduces motion of censure to plenary session

Senator Varujan Vosganian of the National Liberal Party (PNL) read out PNL’s motion of censure against the Government called ‘The big PD-L – PSD swindle, to a plenary session of Parliament on Monday.’

The document is to be debated and put up for a vote.
The motion was signed by 124 MPs of the opposition PNL and the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR).

The first part of the document presents a comparative analysis conducted by PNL between its former Government and the current Government of the Democratic-Liberal Party (PD-L) and the Social Democratic Party (PSD), with the Liberals arguing that their years in power ‘were the best in economic terms in the entire modern history of Romania.’

According to the motion’s signatories, Emergency Ordinance 34/2009 concerning the 2009 Budget revision and the regulation of certain financial and tax measures ‘marks the failures of the fiscal and financial policy of the PD-L – PSD Government.’

‘The PD-L – PSD Government is ignoring the fact that realising the Government’s revenues cannot be achieved only by additional taxes on taxpayers and by terrorising its own employees, but by improving the administration and collection of rates, taxes and other contributions regulated by the fiscal legislation in force,’ reads the motion.

Another dissatisfaction of PNL and UDMR has to do with the introduction of a mandatory adjustable corporate tax, which they see as the end of the 16-percent flat tax.

PNL and UDMR MPs argue that the introduction of the new tax will be ‘disastrous’, because the revenues to be collected from other rates and taxes levied on companies will plummet, and also because that will considerably increase unemployment in Romania.

The motion’s signatories also claim that the living standards of the Romanians have drastically worsened since PD-L and PSD took over power. ‘Private companies are winding up and investments are plummeting, and so do the living standards of Romanians,’ reads the motion.


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