Monetary funds – record subscriptions worth 182 million lei

There were 256.9 million lei subscribed by the investor in April in the monetary funds (funds open to low risk investments), with net subscriptions (representing the difference between subscriptions and buybacks) standing at 182.2 million lei, a historic maximum of the net monthly subscriptions in the mutual funds sector, according to data released on Monday by the Fund Administrator Association (AAF).

For the first time in 2009, the level of the net assets of the open investment funds exceeded the level of 300 million euros.
Overall, the investors subscribed in April 295 million lei in the open investment funds, with the net subscriptions standing at 192.3 million lei.

The total number of investments in open and closed investment funds stands at 197,078, with most being closed funds – 90,269 and diversified funds – 47,728.
The total net assets of open and closed funds stand at 1.42 billion lei.

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