Nearly 75mln lei worth of public acquisitions assigned online in 4 months

The value of the public acquisitions assigned online by amounted to 74.87 million lei (some 17.41 million euros) over Jan. 1-May 5, 2009, accounting for 11.52 percent of the total value of the public acquisition contracts of 774.83 million lei (about 180.19 million euros) closed since the beginning of the year, show figures supplied by the Agency for the Information Society Services (AISS), the operator of the system.

There were as many as 2,146 contracts assigned by electronic means in the above-mentioned period, with the savings made by such procedures being put at 36.58 million lei, accounting for nearly 33 percent of the value estimated when the public acquisition procedures were initiated.
As many as 66,542 direct purchases totalling 163.93 million lei have been assigned since Jan. 1 till now by means of the electronic catalogue available on the above-mentioned Web site.

‘While just 2 percent of the total value of the Romanian public acquisitions were conducted by electronic means in 2008, this year we are satisfied to see the positive development of the use of the e – Licitatie (tender) system…

We’ll keep on monitoring the use of the system and sending the Government quarterly reports in order for the public institutions to reach the legal ceiling of 20 percent of the annual value of the acquisitions conducted by electronic means by year-end’, AISS president Bogdan Mihailescu said.

As many as 19,254 contract assignment procedures were initiated this year, of which 4,922 procedures were completed by May 5. The Public Acquisition Electronic System has recorded 11,496 contracting authorities so far.

According to the Romanian legislation, the contracting authorities have the obligation to use the electronic means for the enactment of the contract assigning procedures and for achieving direct acquisitions at a rate of at least 20 percent of the effective value of the public acquisitions conducted by them during a year.

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