PNTCD wants to promote Romanian companies in EU


The Christian Democratic National Peasant Party (PNTCD, a historical party that was set up in mid-19th century) is taking part in the Romanian elections for the European Parliament on June 7 by its own lists of candidates, after having taken part in last autumn’s parliamentary elections alongside the Liberals.

PNTCD president Marian Milut tops the candidates’ list, followed by Eugen Romulus Moiescu, Alecu Florin Diaconu, Mircea Constantin Scheau, Ana Comanescu, Dorin Caba, Marius Popovici, Vasile Toader, Ovidiu Vinicius Tomescu and Alexandru Bejan.

‘The PNTCD candidates to the Euro-parliamentary elections are people who have political and economic experience and are recognised as specialists in their relevant sectors on a European level’, Milut said on handing over the lists to the Central Election Bureau.

He said the party’s goal is to promote the ‘economic patriotism’ and the Romanian companies in the European Union.

‘We are not speaking of economic nationalism, but of economic patriotism. It is unacceptable that in 2009 Romania we do not have representative Romanian companies in the EU’, Milut has said recently, when the party introduced its candidates.

After the parliamentary elections in Nov. 2008, when the PNTCD ran on the lists of the National Liberal Party (PNL), the Christian Democrats managed to get only one MP’s seat of the nine candidates.

The PNTCD announced it would run on its own lists in the parliamentary elections due in 2012.

In the first post-communist elections held on May 20, 1990, the PNTCD came fifth with 2.50 percent of the votes for the Senate and 2.56 percent in the Deputies’ Assembly.

At the Nov. 1996 elections, the Romanian Democratic Convention (CDR), made up of the PNTCD, PNL and other parties, got 30.17 percent of the votes for the Deputies’ Chamber and 30.70 for the Senate, thus being the winner of the elections. The PNTCD, which was the biggest party in the CDR, won 83 deputies’ seats and 27 senators’ seats.

At the Nov. 2000 general elections, the Christian Democrats ran as part of the CDR 2000 electoral alliance, but they failed to win enough votes to enter the Parliament. They won 5.29 percent for the Senate and 5.04 percent for the Deputies’ Chamber.

In 2004, then party leader Gheorghe Ciuhandu set as a goal the party’s return to Parliament after the Nov. 2004 elections; however, he did not attain such goal, as the party got 1.91 percent for the Senate and 1.85 percent for the Deputies’ Chamber.

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