Romania backs establishment of European youth fund

The most important of the eight issues approached by the new European Youth Strategy is the lack of jobs all young people across the EU are facing today, Minister of Youth and Sports Monica Iacob-Ridzi said on Monday at the end of the meeting of the Council of Youth and Sports EU Ministers.

„As an effect of the economic crisis, there was a setback in the number of jobs and that is why we came up with some proposals to address this issue. In the first place, I noticed that there is no fund at European level to support programs/projects intended for youth. I am referring to a European fund addressing young people, an idea that was very well received in the Council today,” said Jacob-Ridzi.

In other news, the Romanian official remarked that there is no European program for youth employment in place.

Based on these two observations, the Romanian side presented several action lines to support young people across the EU. The first would be to increase the budget allocated for European youth programs by sustained lobbying in the European Parliament, now that new budgetary procedures are in place.

Another priority should be the financing from the European Social Fund of the partnerships between universities and companies so as to ease the employment in the respective companies, of the young people after graduation.

„We also submitted a proposal that, the European Economic Recovery Plan, which includes a package of measures and EUR 400 bln worth of emergency funds to weather the economic crisis, should also incorporate programs and funds for youth hiring,” said Jacob-Ridzi.

At the meeting of EU Youth Ministers, Jacob-Ridzi launched the idea of providing European funding for youth business start-ups.

„Under conditions of crisis, it is essential to support the setting up of new firms and SMEs. The young have the greatest potential for creating new business and implementing innovative ideas for a lucrative purpose.

Especially as far as IT and new technologies are concerned, but also in the sector of services, youth represent a very important resource,’ concluded the Romanian Minister of Youth and Sports.


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