Romania to participate in the Turin International Book Fair

Romania is going to participate, for the first time, in the 22th edition of the International Book Fair in Turin, with this being the most important event of the kind in Italy. Romania’s stand is going to , focus on the topic: ‘1989-2009: Success and Debuts in Romanian literature,’ Tania Radu, Vice-Chairman of the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) said.

She also told on the occasion of a press conference, which was mainly focused on such programmes promoting translations from Romanian authors that are carried out by the ICR via the National Book Centre (CENNAC), that ICR in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, Cults and National Patrimony (MCCPN) are going to be responsible with the coordination of the participation of Romania in seven international book fairs.

The presence of Romania at the International Book Fair in Turin was based on a initiative of the Romanian Culture and Humanistic Research Institute (IRCCU) from Venice, and it was helped with the necessary finances by the ICR.

The prestigious meeting of the cultural personalities from Italy is to take place over May 14-18 this year, with the topic to be: ‘Io, gli altri’ – ‘Me, the Others.’

The Romanian stand’s design followed a new, interactive concept, meant to attract the public and the specialists, and also to illustrate the production of the most representative Romanian publishing houses, related to the abovementioned topic: Polirom, Humanitas (and Humanitas multimedia), Corint, Vinea, Curtea Veche, Paralela 45, Brumar, Ideea Europeana, All, Academiei Publishing House and the National Book Centre (CENNAC) under the ICR.

During the four days (May 14, 15, 16 and 17), Romania’s stand is to host ten events, all of them aiming at promoting in Italy Romania’s publishing and literary politics, the ICR’s programmes, and also to make the foreign publishers become interested, specialists, translators, young people from Italy and worldwide, to reflect the results and the current situation in Italy and Romania, to occasion an exchange of experience between the guests and the public.

In the first day of the International Book fair in Turin, the Zonza publishing house from Milan is going to organize the launch of the first stage of the project ‘Romanian incontra ľItalia’, to present the Italian edition of the ‘I’am a Communist Biddy’ novel by Dan Lungu and ‘One Year in Paradise’ of Liliana Corobca, with the partner of this event being the Accademia di Romania based in Rome.

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