Ruling coalition to examine energy strategy on May 25

Central Coordinating Political Bureau of the ruling coalition (formed of the Social Democratic Party, PSD and the Liberal Democrat Party, PD-L) is to organize a special meeting on May 25 dedicated to the energy strategy, announced on Monday, at the end of the weekly meeting of the coalition’s representatives Vice-Premier Dan Nica.

„We are to convene on May 25 a special meeting of the coalition, to be focused on the energy strategy and we will organize an ample debate in the zones where the energy sector has a greater weight – Gorj (south) and Hunedoara (west)”, stressed Dan Nica.

According to him, on the occasion of the energy strategy discussions, the coalition partners intend to promote a new approach as for the way the energy system operates in Romania and to adopt some solutions aimed at re-launching this sector.

Dan Nica said that the coalition partners also discussed about „some very reliable aspects which can lead including to a drop in natural gas prices”.

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