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Speaker Anastase criticises Chairman Geoana

Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Roberta Anastase says Senate Chairman Mircea Geoana is ‘scared and cannot hold himself through presidential campaigning.’

‘Otherwise, there is no explanation for the attacks today that were unsubstantiated and ungrounded against President Traian Basescu and ex-Justice Minister Monica Macovei as well as against incumbent Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu,’ Anastase told journalists on Monday in Bucharest.

Speaker Anastase said that Geoana contradicted himself many times in his statements in one month as regards the finalisation of the draft civil code and the draft criminal code.

‘Today we see him again seized by electoral frissons, gesticulating in a scared way that if the codes are not urgently adopted the EU will penalise Romania; what’s more, he attempts to place the blame for these potential sanctions squarely on President Basescu while attempting to exonerate himself of any responsibility,’ said Anastase.

She pointed out that the President met the relevant justice officials to propose a ‘responsible assumption’ of the objectives highlighted in the European Commission’s report on the reform of Romania’s judiciary.

‘We, the Democratic-Liberal Party (PDL), are filled with pity seeing that Mr. Geoana is so scared by this electioneering in which he has got so caught up that he no longer knows what he is talking about,’ said Anastase.

She added that there is a risk of Romania being bereft of European funds, unless the country takes concrete steps in the reform of its judiciary after a new report of the European Commission this July. ‘At the same time, I have to tell you that the Senate Chairman knew as well as the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies that there were such risks form the very beginning,’ said Anastase.

National leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), a partner in the two-party ruling coalition, Mircea Geoana said on Monday, at the end of a weekly meeting of the PSD National Standing Bureau that there is information about the risks of Romania being cut its European grants after the July’s report of the European Commission for reasons of the lack of reform in the judiciary.

‘There is coherent and solid information presaging the danger of a risk of Romania being cut its European funds after this July’s report of the European Commission,’ said Geoana.

He announced that the PSD will address the President, who should take all the necessary measures, jointly with the relevant bodies, to avoid the risk, and called on the Senate’s Judicial Committee to call Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu for a hearing.

Geoana also called on the PD-L to see whether or not some of the statements of ex-Justice Minister Monica Macovei are befitting her status of the second candidate of the party on the list for the European election, claiming the these statements are anti-national.

‘What Monica Macovei told the media today is unacceptable, namely that Romania would deserve not to receive money, because Romania is a country where the money cannot be transparently and correctly spent.

This is an anti- national attitude Ms. Macovei had and still has,’ said Geoana.

In an interview to daily Evenimentul zilei, Macovei stated that if Romania’s politicians, judges and the Supreme Council of Magistrates fail to resolve the anti-corruption issues, external pressure should be put to bear, as it used to be the case for any real change in the country since 1990.’

‘I want us to have the guarantee that the money will not go to the pockets of certain guys, but it will be spent to the benefit of communities and the development of the country,’ said the ex-justice minister.


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