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Stolojan: Gov’t has to show solidarity for its decisions

The government has to show solidarity for its decisions, said on Monday after the meeting of the National Permanent Office of The Democrat-Liberal party (PD- L), the first vice-president of this party Theodor Stolojan.

‘We all reached the conclusion that within the Government, ministers have to show solidarity. The Government has to show solidarity for all the decisions, ministers have to support all the decisions. If a minister deems that a decision exceeds certain criteria which he assumed, he has the duty of honour to resign,’ said Stolojan.

According to him, the Government’s solidarity cannot be doubted neither negotiated, and on Monday morning, at the meeting of the Central Coordinating Political Office of the collation, the leaders of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and PD-L agreed on this thing.

The first vice-president of this party Theodor Stolojan added that at the talks of Monday, the leaders of PSD and PD-L had to agree in the new situation of electoral campaign since the Government cannot work without solidarity.

‘PSD and PD-L are competitors in the electoral campaign, but the decisions of the ministers of the two parties cannot be the issue of misunderstandings, of signals that can be misunderstood by the population, said Stolojan.

According to him, at the coalition’s meeting no minister has been sanctioned.

As regards the critics by some of his colleagues targeting social-democrats, Stolojan said that they gave a political answer to a range of attacks made by people of PSD.

‘Today (Monday) we understood we have to go forward. We agreed that the Government has to show solidarity and that the Protocol on the Partnership has to be implemented, he said, stressing that the documents stipulates gradual sanctions for those who do not observe it.

Stolojan said that all the members of the Government endorse the lump-some tax, with the democrat liberals reminding on Monday to the PSD members once again that this was an issue of their ruling programme.


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