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T. R. Ungureanu: There are huge development gaps in Romania

Candidate of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (PD-L) in the elections for the European Parliament Traian Radu Ungureanu said in an interview that some of his priorities, in case he came to be an MEP, would be the bridge to cover the development gaps in Romania and the idea of not doing any „favours” to Romania.

„I will try to do everything a European parliamentarian can do for Romania. Practically this is a contribution to the solution of Romania’s most important problem, seen from the outside, the development problem, which is actually an underdevelopment problem. There are huge development gaps in Romania at a regional level.

Development is nowhere at an optimum European level but there are also areas where there is dire poverty and much suffering,” said Ungureanu.

He added that there were regions in Romania, in the south, in southern Moldavia (the eastern region), in the far north, where projects, money, investments can be made. In Ungureanu’s opinion this largely depends on the MEPs too.

Referring to the latter aim, namely „not to do any favours to Romania,” the PD-L candidate says that „people mistook, not always in an innocent manner, Romania for the political system in Romania.”

According to Ungureanu, if someone voiced a critical attitude to the way justice works in the European Parliament (EP), he was immediately accused of lack of patriotism or he was reproached with mocking at or denigrating his country.

„These things are not connected to one another. A parliamentarian criticizing the political or legal regime or the way things are does not criticize either his population or the Carpathians or his parents or friends. On the contrary, he criticizes a system that does a big disservice to the Romanian citizen,” also said the EP candidate.


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