Vice-premier Dan Nica: Social equality must exist as regards public employees’ pay

Vice-premier Dan Nica stated on Monday, at the end of the weekly meeting of the Central Coordinating Political Bureau of the ruling coalition, that the country needs an impartial pay system, aimed at bringing social justice to Romanians.

He argued that „situations when some receive from the state budget one hundred percent more money than the others is no longer acceptable”.
The single salary pay law for public employees is one of the main topics of discussion within the ruling coalition.

„We reiterated the political will of both the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the Liberal Democrat Party (PD-L) to have a single pay law in the public sector as soon as possible. Social correctness and social justice is needed in this country and we believe that, when we talk about the money paid from the state budget for wages, a just and equitable system is needed.

We no longer can accept that some receive one hundred percent more money from the budget compared to the others. And this has been established once again by the participants in this meeting”, said the Social Democrat Vice-premier.

On the other hand, Dan Nica denied that some tensions appeared in the coalition, saying that this is just „a mass-media creation”.

„Things go extremely well during the coalition and trust is at a level we never dared to hope for when the Partnership for Romania was signed”, underlined Dan Nica, saying that the dominant tone was a very good one in the meeting on Monday.

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