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Vice-Premier Dan Nica: There are positive signs in Romanian economy

Vice-Premier Dan Nica said on Monday, at the end of the meeting of the Coordinating Political Bureau of the coalition, which is made up of the Social Democratic Party and the Liberal Democratic Party, that there were positive signs in Romanian economy even if they were weak enough.

He made it clear that he had talked with the coalition partners about the economic and social situation, that is the steps to be taken for Romania to show the first positive signs in the time to come.

„We are moderately optimistic as the results we got in April showed a first positive sign in Romanian economy and we hope that this trend will go on in the month of May, a fact that might make us have a first six months term of Romanian economy with good signs.

It is a feeling of confidence, quite timid and weak, it is true, in Romanian economy but we want to support it very strongly in the Government as this economic relaunch is the very key to solving all the economic and social problems, salaries, pensions, investments, the stabilization of jobs, new jobs. These first signs are positive and the presentation made by Minister of Finance Gheorghe Pogea was as such,” said the Social Democratic Vice-Premier.

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