Boc: Government has only one symbolic minister, of the defence and creation of jobs

At symbolic level, the current government has, for that matter, only one minister, that of the defence of jobs, and the creation of new ones, said, on Tuesday, prime minister Emil Boc, at the launch of the „Operational textbook for the distribution of the contracts of public acquisition,” published by the National Authority for the distribution of contracts of public acquisition,” published by the National Authority for Monitoring and Regulation of Public Acquistions (ANMRAP).”

This is the essence of ruling in a period of crisis, when the main priority is and remains the defence of jobs. In this way, we need money for jobs to exist, needing money for the jobs to exist, needing investment. We need a legal framework for them to get achieved, and once the investment and the jobs defended, there also are the state budget financial resources for us to be able to pay for the social duties the state has,” stressed Boc.

The prime minister hailed the move of the ANMRAP to publish the said textbook, and it appreciated the transparency and rigor with which the textbook was drawn up, which it called that one of the best in its field he has seen in Romania, as a jurist.

„This is an extremely useful textbook for the public authorities, for the companies and for jurists…
The legislation of public acquisition is complex, and that is why the textbook offers a theoretic and pragmatic framework giving solutions and explanations…

I am hailing the inclusion in this textbook of jurisprudence in the field, the jurisprudence of both the European Court and the domestic one. I hope the textbook will contribute to meeting the objective we all have, in the re¬launch of the economic activity in Romania and this relaunch cannot be made by investment alone, ” said PM Emil Boc.

The head of Government mentioned that in the first Government meeting in Dec 2008 the legislative framework of public acquisitions was modified, it has next been finalized at the proposal of minister of Transport Radu Berceanu, who is the first affected by red tape, by the difficult way of working, and by the lack of transparency in the use of public money.

„We have succeeded to eliminate bureaucracy and to shorten the deadlines, according to the European regulations, from 87 days to 30 days for some tenders, to strengthen checking and transparency of public acquisitions, for us to be sure that the money is spent correctly and with efficiency, ” Boc added.
Emil Boc voiced hope that the textbook meets the desiderata of the government in the field.

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