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Boc: Real censure motion is EC’s launch of excessive deficit procedure against Romania


Even if it is correct that launching of censure motions represents a constitutional right of the Opposition, the real censure motion for us right now is represented by the European Commission’s launch of the excessive deficit procedure ‘against the irresponsible ruling of the PNL Government in 2008,’ Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc stated on Wednesday, at the plenary session of the Parliament.

‘Launching of censure motions does represent a constitutional right of the Opposition and that’s why we are here to confront this motion. But the real censure motion for us now is the one launched today by the European Commission against ‘the irresponsible ruling of the PNL Government in 2008’, Boc said, during the debate on the censure motion titled ‘Great PD-L – PSD Swindle’ (the Liberal Democratic Party and the Socialist Democratic Party are currently making a ruling coalition in Romania), stepped in by the senators and deputies of the National Liberal Party (PNL) and of the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR), both in opposition.

The Premier said that, unfortunately, the EC did launched on Wednesday the excessive deficit mechanism against Romania. According to him, the European Commission has taken this measure for in 2008 ‘the PNL took Romania on the edge of the abyss,’ in the context of an economic growth of 7.8 percent the previous government leaving behind a deficit of 5.4 percent.

Because of the launch of the excessive deficit procedure, ’22 million Romanian citizens will suffer and only because of the irresponsible ruling of he PNL Government,’ Boc said.

‘The political and economic eminences of PNL offered us the most shocking economic collapse of the country in the latest 20 years. PNL turned an economic growth of 7.8 percent into a budget deficit of 5.4 percent. In other words, the money Romanians worked for were collected to the budget, wherefrom the Liberals melted them as if they were in a casino, leaving us full of debts,’ the Premier said.

He also added Romania is currently face to face with the risk, because of the previous government’s bad ruling, to be charged fines of billions of euros and also with the possibility existing European funds to be cut. The PSD-PD-L present government is thus forced to reduce the budget deficit, in an attempt to avoid financial sanctions currently ‘floating in the air’ above Romania.

‘This shows also the paradox with this motion. Those who initiated this motion are the same with those who are guilty of the launch of the excessive deficit procedure and who are responsible of the difficult economic situation we have seen since end-2008. […] Instead of launching this censure motion, PNL should have instead explained Romanians how did it succeed to turn the beginning of prosperity into the first beginning of the disaster. PNL should gave explanations where did the budget deficit of 5.4 percent of the GDP appear, to explain also where are the money that were supposed to be found at the Treasury, with even the money from privatisations having evaporated. If only the former government would have spent this money in a useful way, by injecting them in investments, but this was not the case, the money were spent only on consumption,’ Boc said.

According to him, PNL should explain to Romanians how the country rating slid below the investment grade category and also it should account for ‘the irresponsible manner in which it spent in the latest months of last year 4.5 billion euros.’

‘Romania is going to contract a loan with the EC worth 5 billion euros to help it for two years, while PNL spent 4.5 billion euros in only three month. This is nothing else but a irresponsible manner of managing the public money,’ the Prime Minister added.

Moreover, the PNL should explained why foreign investments dropped in 2008 down to 963 million euros in October and to less than 400 million in December 2008, Boc also added.


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