Caracal town wins Honor Flag of Council of Europe

The Flag of Honour of the Council of Europe (CoE) will go to Caracal (south west of Bucharest), the single Romanian locality that has been awarded this prize in 2009.

This is the second distinction Caracal Municipality receives from the CoE, last year the town having been awarded the Diploma of Europe.
The Flag of Honour of the Council of Europe is awarded for promoting ideas of the EU cooperation and integration through cultural, sport activities, foreign partnerships and EU-funded development projects, Caracal mayor Gheorghe Anghel said.

The twinning project between Caracal and localities such as Montana (Bulgaria), Biologord (Poland) and Je lgova region of Latvia, the participation in international cultural festivals (in Bulgaria and Portugal), in sports contests in Italy and Spain, are but a few reasons why Caracal was awarded the CoE flag of honour.

It was highly appreciated the cooperation projects conducted between the schools in Caracal and of other European localities, the research programmes of Caracal Agricultural Research and Development Station in partnership with similar institutions of Japan, United States, Germany and France.

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