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Diaconescu: Romania expects rmeeting of international standards as regards Bystroe

Romania is waiting for the observance of the international standards by all its neighbours, said, on Tuesday, at a press conference, ForMin Cristian Diaconescu, referring to the Bystroe problem.

„We are only expecting the observance of the international standards from all our neighbours as a single and very important argument that the good neighbourly relations are coherently and clearly understood in all the capital cities, saying that from the point of view of Romania, „the international standards represent the only important criterion.”

He put the statements in Kiev regarding the topic in the context of the electoral campaign and warned that they will not remain without answer.
„I also understand the rhetoric of electioneering, but it does not mean that any statement, in the electoral campaign, regardless of how it is done, but that refers to the interest of Romania and of his citizens will remain without answer,” commented the minister.

With reference to the discontent of the authorities in Chisinau as regards the fact that Romania gives the Romanian citizenship to the Ukrainians who ask for it, the minister said that, in Ukraine, only one citizenship is allowed.

„As regards some assertions about the citizenship or other talks, as far as I know, in Ukraine, constitutionally functions the right of having only one citizenship, ” said the minister.

Head of he Committee for European Affairs of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine, Boris Tarasiuk said, last week, during a visit to Bucharest, that Romania and Ukraine still have quite many non- solved problems, mentioning Bystroe stroe. After the meeting of Tarasiuk with head of the committee of foreign policy of the Senate, Romanian MP Titus Corlatean said that the problem of the Bystroe canal „has to be discussed rather at the level of governments, with respect of the international conventions.”

The foreign ministry in Bucharest believes that Ukraine currently does not have the right, to make works on the Bystroe canal until the provisions of the international documents as regards the environment are not met.

On Sept 9, 2008, initiated was the procedure stipulated in the Espoo convention regarding the evaluation of the impact on the environment in border areas. According to the Espoo convention, during the unfolding of the envirornment in border areas. According to the Espoo Convention, during the unfolding of the procedure, Ukraine is not allowed to make works.


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