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Diaconescu warns Romania will react to populist electoral criticism in the EU area


Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Cristian Diaconescu on Tuesday made an appeal to all his electoral adversaries to prove an European behaviour during the upcoming electoral campaign for the European Parliament and also, while referring to certain ‘political signals’ in the European Union area, he warned Romania will promptly react for its image and interests not to be affected.

Romanian Minister explained that the beginning of the electoral campaign will be marked by the European Union’s concerns related to the economic crisis, which such topics to blend in a natural way with the political agenda stimulated by the institutional redefinition, by the urgent need for finding new ways to fight unemployment, illegal migration, crime and by the EU’s answers to the security challenges.

‘It is natural such issues to be approached both from a critical perspective and also from a populist one. In my capacity as Foreign Affairs Minister, my duty is to express my concerns related to this campaign for the EP, with Romania needing to prove the capacity its political class to keep up with the European agenda of debates and also to capitalize the merits of its presence in the EU,’ Diaconescu underlined.

While referring to the ‘signals received from the EU area,’ Diaconescu voiced his disapproval of Romania having been invoked in certain debates in other states, as a ‘motivation for limited actions or for such populist restrictive measures.’

‘Romania’s integration with the European Union was realized through the common will of its citizens and the EU citizens in general, and was based on a very exigent process, which meant foundamental reforms, sometimes very painful, and also extremely difficult negotiations.

Romania has become today a proud member of the EU and that’s why I want to assure all of its citizens of the fact MAE will watch very carefully no political messages during this European electoral campaign will affect Romania’s image and interests, following to act through its diplomatic channels if needed’ Cristian Diaconescu said.

He also underlined the Romanian Government knows very well which are its obligations and objectives in the EU and also voiced conviction these objectives will be reached ‘in compliance with the commitments Romanian made under the EU.’

‘I also believe Romania’s efforts and determination in complying with the conditions triggered by the safeguard clause in the justice field are strong arguments for a constructive relation of cooperation with the EU member states and, obviously, with the European Commission too.

Nevertheless, we expect from the EC and from the other EU member states an adequate attention to be paid to our concerns and requests too, related to such issues that could affects our country’s interests,’ Cristian Diaconescu concluded.


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1 Comentariu
  1. Joseph C Boylan spune

    Congratulations on your very strong statement about Romania’s individual stance in Europe.
    May I advise you with respect that Romania must insist on a referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon. In its present form this treaty is unacceptable as it restricts Romania’s democratic voice within the Union as with other member countries.
    I have information which I will be very pleased to share with you if you have the time which will help you to understand the current very dangerous situation with the EU if we are not all very vigilant.
    There are forces wanting to compromise democracy for their own ends in Europe, which date back to the first World War. Be very aware of the movements in USA today attempting to subjugate minor countries to their Imperialist and the so-called ‘New World Order’ plans.
    I recommend an alliance such as Ireland is developing, with other East European countries to help make this matter known. Ireland is the only country to have taken a referendum and the result was an astonishing 90% against the Treaty of Lisbon.
    Keep up your work for an independent Romanian approach. You have all my backing and support.
    Best, Joseph C Boylan (English resident in Romania) I am sorry my Romanian is very limited.

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