Geoana: President tries to render culpable Parliament and PSD

President Traian Basescu tries to render culpable Parliament and the Social Democratic Party (P SD, in the ruling coalition), as regards the debating of the four legal Codes, said, on Tuesday, at Parliament Palace, head of PSD Mircea Geoana.

The PSD leader said what the head of state mentioned on Monday is not good. Basescu had said there is a danger that after the monitoring report of the European Commission it is a danger that the European funds for Romania be cut, and the head of state has to get involved along with the empowered institutions, as Parliament did its duty as regards the deadline of May 15 proposed for the finalization at least of the criminal and civil codes.

„The statement of the president is at least out of place. I have done what a man of good faith does and a real Social Democrat. When all the NGOs in Romania have come to Parliament and said the codes prepared by the minister of justice have not been publicly debated and that they are not well enough worded, at that moment I have a democratic duty, regardless of what the current president is saying, this duty is to listen to the current president, to listen to the voice of the civil society.

And I believe that a more solid period of public debate should be more serious,” said Mircea Geoana.

According to the head of PSD, the minister of Justice „told everybody and he was believed” that there was a debate in advance regarding the four Codes. „But it seems it did not take place.

That is why I believe that these excuses are false, and an attempt is made to render Parliament as well as PSD culpable, and we have to tell the president that he has big duties in this respect, ” said Geoana.

The president of the Social Democrats believe he did something good to as regards the legal Codes. He answered in good will to the invitation of the president to go to Cotroceni presidential Palace, at consultations on the Report on justice, in which context invoked has been the deadline of May 15 by the head of state for the approval of the Codes.

„So, I have done my duty to say that from the point of view of Parliament, we are ready with the codes (of civil and legal procedure) and that, at this moment, the central concern of the president, as the main guarantor and the dominant force on Justice in the past five years is the concentration also on the other elements of constitutionality required by the European Commission.

So, the obsessive concentration on Parliament has to be replaced with a distributive attention of the president on the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA), the Supreme Council of Magistrates (CSM), the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ). The Romanian public debate was turned in a way to render guilty Parliament, or making it excessively responsible, ” explained the PSD leader.

Geoana mentioned that the head of state has to get involved in the problems related to the field of justice, also from the perspective of the fact that that he appointed in office Monica Macovei (former minister of Justice) and Daniel Morar (chief prosecutor of DNA).

President Traian Basescu would have expected from Mircea Geoana to have a mature approach, announced on May 11 the Presidential Administration, after PSD president said that there is coherent and solid information „announcing the danger that after the monitoring report of the European Commission, a risk can be to cut the European funds for Romania.”

The statements of Mircea Geoana, made on May 1, are regrettable. The head of state would have expected from Mircea Geoana a mature approach and not an attempt to give up the responsibility of the blocking in the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate the corruption files and a delay in the adoption of the codes, ” said the presidential administration.

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