MAE is to counsel Romanians who apply for an U.S. visa

Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in search of a modality to help Romanians applying for an U.S. visa and being rejected, with too many such rejections existing because of the citizens failing to comply with the technical conditions, Romanian Minister of foreign Affairs Cristian Diaconescu stated on Tuesday, also saying Romania’s inclusion into the Visa Waiver system depends on the cut to be operated in the currently high rate of rejections.

‘We are currently seeking for solutions at the Ministry to help the Romanian citizens with the technical aspects, by offering them the possibility to better understand the procedures. Many of the rejections are because of the people not being able to comply with the technical conditions imposed and I believe that, at least from this viewpoint, the Ministry could improve things,’ Cristian Diaconescu said.

He also underlined that the U.S. authorities remarked the good progress Romania has made in this field, but also that there is need the rejection rate to be dragged below 10 percent, with the current rate standing at 25 percent, reduced from 37 percent in 2007.

‘From the viewpoint of the American authorities, there exists no other obstacle of a political, strategic or of other nature in our way to joining the Visa Waiver programme.

The modality in which we will manage, from a technical viewpoint, and in the shortest time, to drag down the rejection rate will represent a final and essential argument for Romania to be included into the programme,’ the Minister gave assurance to the people.

Diaconescu also added the rejection is also sometimes the result of formularies not been filled properly. In his opinion, the United States are ready to cooperate with Romania to help it joint the Visa Waiver and he also underlined once again the elimination of the visas for Romanians has been delayed because of certain technical conditions, and not because political reasons.

‘We were encouraged to try to identify on what segment we should concentrate our efforts more, and we have only found these technical aspects to solve them, which are related to every citizen’s capacity and also to the institutions’ capacity to cut the rejection rate,’ Cristian Diaconescu stressed, also voicing hope Romania will succeed by the end of the year to cut the rejection rate in a significant manner.

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