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Organization of Romanian Social Democrats in Brussels marks start of campaign for EP

The Organization of Romanian Social Democrats in Brussels on Monday, May 11, organized the debate on „European Elections and Romanians in the Diaspora,” an occasion on which they marked their effectively starting the election campaign for the European Parliament (EP) in June.

Attending the above-mentioned event, Dan Luca, a candidate on the list of the PSD+PC Alliance (the ruling coalition made up of the Social Democratic Party, PSD, and the Conservative Party) for the EP, presented his priorities, which were summed up in a „Letter for you, a Romanian citizen living outside Romania.”

„Boasting a 16-year long experience in promoting the European ideas by the activities taken in nongovernmental structures, the media or consultancy companies, I am particularly honoured to have the opportunity of running for a position in the European law-making body,” said Luca on this occasion and added that „the Romanian diaspora has something to say in Romanian politics; it is not problem, it is a solution to understanding contemporary Romania.”

„Our experience, of the people living in Brussels, in Belgium or other areas outside the territory of the Romanian State can and must have a positive impact on Romanian politics. I believe in the growing political influence of the Romanians living outside the territory of the Romanian State,” also said the Social Democratic candidate in the europarliamentary elections.

In Dan Luca’s opinion the current crisis did not appear by mere chance, it is the result of the liberalization that got out of control, of the policies meant to deregulate markets and diminish the role of the state, policies that don’t have workers, young people or families as their priorities.

„We now need a European Parliament in which the majority should be leftist in order to reassert our project for a sustainable society. We must use the existing finance to the interest of the real economy and support the creation of new jobs,” adder the speaker.

The next meetings of the Social Democratic candidate with the Romanians in Belgium will be held on May 16 at Ninove, on May 17 at Leuven and on May 31 in Brussels, where PSD chairman Mircea Geoana is also invited.


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