Parliament approves guaranteed minimum pension

The Chamber of Deputies, a decision-making body, approved, on Tuesday by 213 to one vote and 3 abstentions the Governmental Emergency Ordinance on the guaranteed minimum pension.

The Ordinance stipulates that the beneficiaries are pensioners of the public system, and the social security insurance system not part in it, and who live in Romania and whose pension ranges between 300 and 350 lei respectively and it is the state-budget to pay the differences.

The Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L – in the ruling coalition) through its group leader Mircea Toader said that the Emergency Ordinance is a measure of social justice in the ruling programme, while the National Liberal (in opposition) through its deputy Victor Paul Dobre warned that beyond enthusiasm, the ruling parties rejected to rise in the pension point to 45 percent of the average gross salary.

Moreover, the GMP Ordinance should be enacted starting Jan. and not April 1, Dobre stressed.

The Social Democratic Party (PSD – in the ruling coalition) said that the Ordinance the Parliament passed was but an older goal of the Party and it is a key element for the protection of the people earning low incomes, particularly the farmer pensioners or those receiving pensions for disabilities.

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