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Pavel Abraham to run for MEP as independent

The independent candidate for the European Parliament elections Pavel Abraham comes in front of the electorate on June 7 as the representative of the civil society and has the oak as his election logo.

„The civil society is my electorate. The NGOs have to coalesce and form the nucleus of Romania’s recovery”, Abraham stressed.

He expects to be voted by the people who missed the previous elections, the public servants, the fledging middle class, the teaching staff, the pensioners and the farmers.

Attracting the EU funds, the safety of the citizen and the community are the fields Abraham preponderantly plans to get involved in as a MEP.
His slogan is ‘Everybody has something to say in Europe, NOW.’

Pavel Abraham was born in Jibou town, Salaj County (north-west of Bucharest), on Oct. 21, 1948. He graduated the Interior Ministry’s School for Active duty Officers in 1972 and the Law Faculty of Bucharest University in 1979. He also attended NATO improvement courses in police- community relation (1992-1993).

He earned a LLD at the Bucharest University, in 1995. Later he attended several training courses such as the Organization, management and strategy of the Police public relations, at the IHSI of Paris in 1993, Police and Private life’s protection, in Messina Taormina (1995), Police and community relations, in Louisville, in 1997, a social security course in Barcelona, in 1999, a course of applied social sciences, at Cambridge University, in London, in 1999 as well, a course in penal justice and community management of Justice, at the Tiffin University Ohio, US (2000). etc.

After graduating the Officer School he worked as a specialist at the Interior Minister (MAI) (1972 – 1979) and later as a trainer officer in training and improvement courses in fields such as penal law, labour organization and management for the commissioned and non-commissioned police officers of the Ministry of Interior, over 1979-1989. He was also the Scientific Secretary of the Scientific Research Commission of the MAI Human Resources and Education Department, over 1985 – 1989.

After the 1989 Revolution Col Abraham is appointed the pro-rector of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza Police Academy of Bucharest and the dean of the Police Faculty and where he taught Constitutional Law by 1992. During 1993 he was a specialist at the General Directorate of the Bucharest Municipality Police and editor-in-chief of the ‘Capital’s Police 955′ magazine.

Afterwards, he worked as the director of the Control and Anti Corruption Body of the General Police Inspectorate (IGP), over I993-1995 and the head of the IGP Directorate for Penal Investigation in 1995-1997.
Col. Pavel Abraham was appointed IGP general inspector, on March 3, 1997.

In Nov. the same year he becomes professor at the Bucharest-based MA I Personnel Training and Improvement Center. In May 1999, he was appointed the head of the Independent Analysis, Strategies and Human Resources Planning Office with the Ministry of Interior. During Jan. 2001 – Feb. 2003 Pavel Abraham was MAI State Secretary for the Relations with the Parliament. He was promoted a two-star Division General on Feb 1, 2002.

Over July-August 2002 when the military ranks were renamed, at the same time with the Romanian Police’s demilitarization, he became main police questor, the equivalent of his former rank as a two-star General.

In March 2003 chef police questor Professor Pavel Abraham was appointed the president of the National Anti-drug Agency with the Interior Ministry and kept the position till November 2008 when he retired.
He was granted the professional rank of chief police questor, the equivalent of the three-star General, on Nov. 9, 2004.

In parallel with his activity as a police officer, Abraham continued his teaching career and was a lecturer and later Professor at the Faculty of Sociology and Social Security Faculty of the Bucharest University (since 1993), Associated Professor for penal Law at the I.C Dragan European University in Lugoj, since 1998, Associated Professor of Bucharest Police Academy (since 2004).

Starting the year 2000 he was coordinating the post graduation courses respectively Master degree courses on drug taking prevention and anti-drug advisory and on EU Law Management at the Sociology and Social Security Faculty of Bucharest University and respectively on combating illicit drug trafficking and taking at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza Police University, in Bucharest.

Pavel Abraham became a scientific coordinator for students taking doctoral courses, at the Sociology and Social Security Faculty of Bucharest University, in 2001.


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