PM Boc: single law pension by end year

By the end of the year there will be ready the law on single pension, whereas the law on the single wage will be finalized by June 30, said on Tuesday, PM Emil Boc, who was present at the release of a guide book of good practices in the field of public acquisitions.

‘By the end of the year there will be a single law of pensions and in this case the Government aims to carry out the reform on the pension system. We have already established a working panel to draw up the principles so that the Government implements structural reforms of the Romanian society,’ said Boc.

Emil Boc stressed at the same time that the law on the single wage system is underway for the state employees and gave assurances that the new law will remove privileges.

‘The law on single wage system will be ready after June 30 and we are preparing to assume responsibility,’ said the Romanian premier.
On the other hand, Boc underscored that at present there is no problem about the payment of pensions of wages. ‘Pensions are being paid, the wages are paid in due time and to the limit stipulated by the law,’ said Emil Boc.

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