President Basescu’s finger-wagging letter to Geoana on justice-related commitments

In a letter sent on Tuesday to Social-Democratic Party leader and Senate chairman Mircea Geoana, President Traian Basescu wagged the finger to the former for „trying to eschew the responsibility for keeping the corruption files blocked in Parliament and delaying the adoption of the legal Codes.”

In the letter addressed to the Senate chairman, the head of the state pointed out that „the latest mid-term report on Justice issued in February 2009 has highlighted a series of punctual issues that need to be solved as promptly as possible for us to hope for a positive report in July this year on the reforms in the judiciary, and not to face the collateral consequences.’

According to Traian Basescu, the high-level fight of corruption and the adoption of the new codes represent „important elements on the track towards reforming and strengthening justice in Romania.”

The President reminded in the letter that during the meeting held at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace with officials responsible of Justice, Mircea Geoana had voiced support for the resolution of these lingering problems by May 15, but that so far he has failed to observe his commitment.

„In this regard, would you please note that at this moment, both the Codes and some files on the investigation of ministers are still waiting in the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate without a resolution.

In other words, the remedy for the delays in the adoption of the Codes and getting the corruption files back on track falls under the direct responsibility of the parliamentary groups of the ruling coalition and implicitly under your political responsibility,” Basescu stated in the letter.

The head of the state asked Geoana that in his capacity as Senate chairman and leader of a power-sharing party he should expedite the unlocking of Parliament procedures related to the files and the adoption of the codes.
„You need to have a mature and responsible approach of the issues,” the President advised the Social-Democratic leader.

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