PSD leader Mircea Geoana sends letter to Romania’s President Traian Basescu

Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Mircea Geoana on Monday sent a letter to President Traian Basescu informing him of the risk they ran if the European funds were stopped for lack of reform in justice.

„Lately we have been worried to get signals announcing that, for various reasons, Romania risked being subject to some measures liable to reduce the sums it has the right to expect from the European Union.

Be it the memorandum of the European Commission referring to the transfer of five billion euros to strike Romania’s balance of payments, be it the request made by the Bundestag that the payment of structural funds should be suspended for Romania, as they did in the case of Bulgarian, or be it the speeches delivered during the congress of the European People’s Party in Warsaw, this is the conclusion: there is a real risk for Romania to be punished financially by invoking the situation in justice,” says Mircea Geoana in his letter to the Head of State, which the PSD press office.

The Social Democratic leader mentions again in the letter the fact that, on February 17, the Head of State invited the representatives of the institutions in charge of the reform in justice to a discussion on the report of the European Commission.

„We have appreciated the opinion you stated then, namely that ‘the Commission’s report on justice must not be treated by every institution taken separately’ and that ‘a discussion among all institutions is quite necessary for our aim to be attained, that is the report in July should see the fulfilment of all pledges taken.’

Facing the danger that Romania should have to bear the EU sanctions and as a new evaluation by the European Commission is quite near, we are asking you to urgently convene a meeting of the responsible factors – Prime Minister, Minister of Justice, General Prosecutor, president of the Supreme Council of Magistrates – in order to discuss the de facto situation and the steps that are imperative in the future to manage the reform in justice,” says the PSD leader.

In his letter Mircea Geoana mentions that, thanks to the effort of Parliament and following a „serious consultation” with experts and representatives of the civil society, starting on Monday, May 11, the Civil and Criminal Codes were amended and are ready to be adopted.

Geoana also said that the Codes of Civil and Penal Procedure are being debated and, as they were informed by the European officials and the representatives of the European states in Romania, the debates would come to an end in the upcoming months.

„I must refresh your memory with the fact that Parliament solved most files including requests made by the Prosecutor’s Office for starting prosecution of some current or former officials. I think that all Romanian politicians, starting with the Head of State and ending with all our country’s representatives in Europe, irrespective of the political family they belong to, are duty bound to support to the end the efforts necessary for a real and honest reform in justice.

In this context I am voicing conviction that you will comply with the request of convening a meeting of all the factors responsible for the continuation of the reform in justice, the more so as this process implies institutional efforts and responsibilities beyond the tasks of Romania’s Parliament,” concludes the PSD chairman in the letter he sent to the Head of State.

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