PSD President Geoana: Basescu has become an expired political product

Head of the Social Democratic Party Mircea Geoana on Tuesday, at a meeting with the party leaders, said that President Traian Basescu has become „an expired political product” because he did not kept the promises made to the electorate.

„Traian Basescu is an expired political product because he has not been able to keep the promises he made to the electorate,” Geoana said.
In his opinion, Basescu „continues to be only the president of one political party and continues to attend the party’s meetings because no one stands against him there.”

„Traian Basescu came to power by accident and he has to leave…

The stake is great: another five years with these people means failure for Romania; this is the moment for a profound change. Let’s do it without violent language but with determination and will,” said Geoana.

He praised his party colleagues for their courage and sacrifice, as they continued to be active and involved, despite the hard times the party has been through. „I wish younger generations would learn something of it,” he said.

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