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Puscas recommends utilization of suggestions of EU Summit on social policies

Head of Department for European Affairs (DAE) Vasile Puscas recommended to institutions with prerogatives in the economic and social field to utilize suggestions identified in the framework of the European Union Summit in Prague, when outlining and implementing social policies in Romania.

According to a DAE release, Puscas underlined during a Coordination meeting in the field of European affairs that the Summit emphasized participants’ wide consensus on the ways to follow.

The main convened principles were focused on the idea, according to which the future actions on labor force occupation should follow a few principles and be aimed at the keeping on of jobs and the creation of new ones, at increasing employment access, especially for youth, as well as the development of competencies, at meeting the needs on the labor market and encouragement of mobility.

The EU Summit in Prague, held last week, identified ten guidelines for combating unemployment and creation of new jobs and the European Commission will use them as a fundament when formulating its contribution to the European Council on June 18-19.

The first measures is dealing with the maintenance of a number as high as possible of employed people, with the temporary adjustment of the working hours, combined with actions of professional retraining, paid from public funds, including from the European Social Fund. Other needed elements are aimed at encouraging the entrepreneur spirit and the creation of new jobs, for instance through the reduction of non-salary costs of labor and the concept of „security through flexibility”.

Improvement of the national efficiency of labor force occupancy through providing intensive counseling services, of professional training and job seeking in the first jobless weeks, mainly for unemployed youth is another priority.

As well, a significant boost in the number of probation stages for highly trained graduates is sought till the end of 2009, as well as the promotion of some more efficient employment markets through incentives provision.

There are also in view active policies on the labor market and modernization of the social protection systems which, in their turn, should lead to a better integration of the disadvantaged groups, including of the people with disabilities, who have lower qualifications, upgrading of the abilities at all levels through continuous learning process and especially by aiding the graduates to form the needed abilities to find a job and through the utilization of labor force mobility in order to balance the labor force offer and demand.

Identification of jobs and needed competencies, assistance to jobless and youth, who kick- start their own businesses, through professional training courses and initial capital, or through the reduction or elimination of taxes for the start-ups, as well as anticipation and management of restructuring through good practices exchange represent EU guidelines for the fight against unemployment and for the creation of new jobs.


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