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Romania will coordinate with the United States the Romanian troops in Iraq and Afghanistan


Romania will coordinate, together with the United States, but also with the other partners, the presence of the Romanian troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, said, on Tuesday, at a press conference, ForMin Cristian Diaconescu.

„Both as regards the operation theaters and the prospects of the way in which Romania will get involved, we will get coordinated with the American partner, but also with the other partners, on the basis of the UN mandate or the NATO mandate, and we will set, together, the future Romanian presence and to what extent, in point of number, it can be increased or diminished, ” Diaconescu said.

After the recent meeting with his counterpart Hillary Clinton, on the occasion of a visit to Washington (May 6-9), minister Diaconescu reiterated that the United States appreciated the efforts of Romania in Afghanistan and Iraq, stressing that Romania, in this period, reacted „as a responsible member of the international community, who knows to assume responsibilities and to make sacrifice for contributing to international peace and security.”

State secretary Hillary Clinton thanked us for the decision to host joint military exercises with the American forces, ” mentioned the Romanian top diplomat.

Cristian Diaconescu said that Romania continues to be an important partner for the United States and the United States and the US Congress conveyed the message that the Romanian-US strategic partnership is strong and fully expresses a common view, minister Diaconescu said.

On another line of thought, Romania and the Unite States voiced the common view that the presence of American investors in the Romanian market gets consolidated, believing that the economic dimension is a very important pillar, ” in the Romanian-American partnership.

During his visit to Washington, the parties agreed that the Black Sea and Eastern Europe are regions of big potential of democratic and economic development.

„On the basis of a project, Romania and the United States will work for the observance of the democratic principles and standards and will commit themselves in projects with a view to the security and stability of that region,” said Diaconescu.

„As regards the energy projects of interest for Romania – Nabucco and the terminal of liquefied gas from Constanta, minister Diaconescu said that the Americans expressed their entire support.

ON the occasion of a visit to Atlantic Council, an American think-tank, the Romanian top diplomat announced the organization in Bucharest, at the end of October, of a conference about the cooperation in the field of energy cooperation in the Black Sea area, under the aegis of this organization.
The United States is directly interested that Romania be a main contributor which the Euro¬Atlantic community proposes for the region,” Diaconescu concluded.


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