Vasile Puscas to barely give a graduation mark to current Romanian MEPs

Head of the Department for European Affairs (DAE) and Romania’s former Chief negotiator with the European Union (EU) Minister Vasile Puscas would barely give the current Romanian members of the European Parliament a graduation mark, although he does not think they are solely responsible for their activity.

„At the moment, I would barely give them a graduation mark, taking into account they are not solely responsible for their activity there and that support from the party promoting them to the European Parliament counted a lot, the same as the support provided by the European political group they are part of”, Vasile Puscas told in an interview.

Even though he would not give higher marks to the current MEPs, there is also a series of „prize-winners” in the dignitary’s opinion, who is also Professor with „Babes-Bolyai” University, training future politicians.

In the interview given Professor Vasile Puscas maintains that an European MP must fulfill several conditions for such a position, from speaking several international languages to the knowledge of European policy mechanisms and the capacity to negotiate.

Vasile Puscas said that part of the European politicians will look at the Romanian MEPs as just vote providers, although at the same time Europe would expect them to prove a new, more dynamic and innovative approach.

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