About 3,700 railway employees to be made redundant in 2009

The number of layoffs in 2009 in the railway companies will range between 3,500 and 3,700, as people will retire, said on Wednesday Gheorghe Popa, president of the employers’ association Miscare Comercial trade union after the meeting with the Transport Minister Radu Berceanu.

‘Following the talks we established that 3,500-3,700 employees will be laid off this year, they have already met the conditions for retirement or may be retired.

There are 920 employees from Romanian Railway’s passengers arm to be made redundant in 2009, 1,300 people from Romanian Railways’ Freight arm and 1,400 from Romanian Railways stock company,’ said Popa.

He said about 850 employees of the branches of the three railways companies will be also made redundant.
The Transport Minister Radu Berceanu stressed that except for the cut in personnel, the ministry aims to reorganize railways companies and decrease expenditures, as well as to freeze wages, reduce travels and cut benefits.

‘There are many things to be done, however the good thing is that the number of people that will retire has been established. On Thursday I’ll have a discussion with managers of railway companies to establish the measures which they have to take in the future,’ said Radu Berceanu.


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