Almost 210 kg of cocaine seized in Arad

As many as 209 kg. of cocaine stored in a warehouse of Arad (north-west of Bucharest) have been seized by prosecutors of the Romanian Office for Organized Crime and Terrorism Investigation (DIICOT) on Wednesday when a woman from Hungary went to the warehouse to take over the drugs in order to take them out of the country.

According to judicial sources, the drugs container which came from Peru arrived a few days ago in Constanta seaport and was ‘taken over’ for surveillance by the border authorities, officers for organised crime and DIICOT prosecutors.

According to the same sources, the drugs were transported to Arad and had to reach Hungary.

Several Romanian and Hungarian nationals were arrested on this occasion. It is likely the people involved in this case of drug smuggling to be close relatives of some members of the mob called ‘Imparatuľ (The king) led by Utu Claudiu Rohoznean, branded as one of the most dangerous mobs of western Romania, whose members at present are held in custody.

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