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Borbely: Romanian-Hungarian relations have to be more pragmatic

The head of the Chamber of Deputies Commission for Foreign Policy Laszlo Borbely thinks the Romanian-Hungarian bilateral ties have to be more pragmatic in terms of their joint actions and stances that could help the foreign policy of both Romania and Hungary.

Borbely met, on Wednesday with a delegation of Hungarian National Assembly’s Commission for Foreign relations and the Hungarians living outside the country’s borders headed by the Commission’s chairman Nemeth Zsolt.

According to Borbely the Hungarian side agreed to approach several proposals made by the Romanian party regarding the Parliamentary representation, a topic that have been tackled for very many years.

‘Obviously there were also some critical accents as regards the stance of the Hungarian minority living in Romania, from the perspective of the changes in education and culture. In our opinion, it is not possible that after 1990, for the first time that we are not deputized for in the counties whose ethnic Hungarian population is 40 percent ore more,’ said Borbely.

On the other hand, he stressed that the visit by the Hungarian National Assembly’s delegation for foreign policy was extremely important.

‘It was a meeting where we were tackling foreign policy topics related to our both countries, such as the newly created situation in the US after the coming of the new Administration and our relations with the US, the relations of our both countries with Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova, Russia, our presence in the EU, from the perspective that Hungary is to hold the EU presidency in 2011.

Or colleagues have already agreed that a Romanian diplomat should join the team preparing this chairmanship and obviously, we approached topics related to the minorities,’ Boprbely concluded.


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