Comarnic-Brasov motorway to cost 1.57 billion euros

Consortium Vinci-Aktor will lease out motorway Comarnic (south) – Brasov (center) at a price of 1.57 billion euros, the construction price. The works are to start in May 2010 and are to last 4 years.

Transport Minister Radu Berceanu said that this is the first contract under lease concluded with the Romanian state. The leasing system will be implemented also for other projects such as motorway Pitesti – Sibiu (center) and the big ring road of Bucharest.

Consortium Vinci-Aktor will design, fund and construct the Comarnic-Brasov motorway and on a period of 30 years it is to manage the 55 km. of the section in exchange of a tax which users will pay starting the fifth year of the leasing.

‘Starting the fifth year of the leasing, for a 26-year long period , the Romanians state will make payments of availability to licensee worth 180 million lei a year,’ said Dana Galben, deputy general manager Road Infrastructure and Leasing with the Transport Ministry.

She said that the tax which the user is to pay as of the fifth year of leasing, after the commissioning of the motorway, will be of 1.75 euros/axle/1 00 km, which means that a car will pay in the first year a tax of about 2 euros to cross the 55 km section.

‘Starting the second year of payment the licensee may modify the prices depending on inflation, however the contract that will be concluded stipulates the possibility for the Romanian state to reject these rises,’ said Dana Galben.

Galbern said that allowing for the 1.57 billion euros, construction and design cost, one kilometer of the Comarnic-Brasov motorway will stand at 21.18 million euros, below the prices reported in Austria, where the price per built km. varies between 20 and 35 million euros, Slovakia where the prices ranges between 27.43 and 34.51 million euros, Britain – 32.4 million euros and France – 46.35 million euros per one km of motorway.

According to the Auction Commission with the Transport Ministry, the offers of consortiums Astrada (made up of companies Strabag – Ergif – Eurovia) and the offer of consortium, A3 (Bilfinger¬Berger-Porr) were rejected because of shortcomings in the assigning documentation.

After the 30-year period of leasing, the section of motorway Comarnic-Brasov enters the state’s property, which can either lease it again or manage it by itself.

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