Decision about the codes to be taken within the coalition

Pm Emil Boc on Wednesday at the Parliament Palace has said that the Govt’s taking responsibility for the legal codes is not out of the question, but highlighted that such a move will be taken within the coalition government and together with the civil society.

„This is a coalition Govt made up of the Democratic Liberal Party and the Social Democratic Party.
Any major decision will be taken within the coalition,” Boc explained.

„The Govt may take responsibility for the codes, as I already told you. We will talk about it within the coalition and together with the civil society, and debate some issues that are still unsolved,” Boc said.

He thanked the two presidents of the subcommissions of penal and criminal code, Victor Ponta, Daniel Buda respectively, for their work and voiced hope that solutions were found for Romania to have a coherent and solid judiciary.

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