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Elena Gheorghe qualifies for Eurovision final

Romania’s representative to the annual television show Eurovis ion, Elena Gheorghe, has qualified for the final stage of the competition, with her song ‘The Balkan Girls’ having competed on Tuesday night against 17 other countries’ songs, in the first semifinal organized at the Olympisky Arena in Moscow.

The presenters of the show, model Natalia Vodianova and TV presenter Andrei Malakhov announced Elena among the ten finalists.
There were also qualified for the final stage of the competition the representatives of Turkey – Hadise, Sweden – Malena Ernman, Israel – Noa & Mira Awad, Portugal – Flor-de-lis, Malta – Chiara, Finland – Waldo’s People, Bosnia Herzegovina – Regina, Armenia – Inga & Anush and Island – Yohanna.

The representatives of ten countries were picked, by the jury and the TV viewers, to advance to the Final, with all countries participating in the semifinal, plus UK and Germany, having had for 15 minutes the possibility to vote, either by by phone or by SMS. The results of the televoting were kept secrete, in order not to influence the final vote.

Elena competed on Tuesday evening in the semifinal, with ‘The Balkan Girls’ song, offering a show full of lights, artifices, fire, bizarre and impressive costumes, hosted by one of the largest sports halls worldwide, the Olympisky Arrena.

The grand final of the Eurovision competition is to take place on Saturday, with the representatives of France, UK, Spain and Germany (countries that are also organizers) to have direct access, according to the new regulation of the show, the same as the winner of the national selection in Russia, which country is this year’s organizer of the competition after the victory of Dima Bilan with ‘Believe’ in last year’s edition.


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